Friday, November 19, 2010

View from the porch

Wow, didn't realize that it has been a whole month since I've posted anything. Time is flying by that's for sure.  Gary had some biopsies done and they were negative, yippee! 

Ace continues to do well. He's almost at 1000 lbs now.  We are now officially feeding hay. Three bales at a time so far.  Gary put up some hay racks in the barn for when Tessa, Sandy and Ace have to have access to it.  Using 10 ft panels to make 10 x 10 pens instead of building stalls was a good thing to do here. The other horses have a big run in but for some reason, don't like to share with the 3 older ones so they get the barn. Of course Pokey and Lil Bit have their own pasture with a run in so they have shelter too.  Makes a lot more work for us when we have to clean the barn before feeding but that's ok, work is good for the soul.  These cooler mornings really get the horses to running and playing. Especially Star. She is the youngest at 4 and really can put on a show. Of course, I never have the camera ready.

We did get to ride a couple of times this Fall. First time in 3 years. Boy it was so much fun. Hawk and Sonny did so well, one would never have believed it had been 3 years since they had  a saddle on their backs. 

We are ready for the really cold stuff from Mother Nature. All the hay is here and the heaters are in the water tanks.  The horses are growing their furry coats.

This is going to be a hard winter for horses though. Many don't have adequate food or shelter. It breaks my heart that I can't help/save every one of them.  Please be watchful and if you see a horse in need, please, please try to help it.

Remember to be thankful for all your blessings.