Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well now, let's catch up!!

Things are going pretty good here at Hawk's Acres.  Gary's cancer is stable. He is taking Xaloda, a chemo pill.  He is feeling pretty good.

The new barn is about done. The stalls are finished, feed/tack room done except for a water heater which is ordered.  Saddles are hung as is all the tack. Looks pretty neat.

We managed to get enough hay purchased for the winter which was no easy feat since we had to start feeding it in June this year.  That's a bummer but this stupid drought just won't stop.

The above pictures of Rose were taken at Johnston Vet Clinic the middle of October. This was the 2nd time Rose had injured the same fetlock. This time, her leg swelled terribly. A week of antibiotics and daily dressings and it was no better. A trip to Oakridge Equine in Edmond, Ok for x-rays and ultrasound was made. The results weren't good at all. Infection in the joint and half of the cartilage gone in the fetlock joint. They recommended euthanasia.  I called Johnston Vet and made the appointment. The day we were to put her down, we had a meeting of the minds between Jan the vet, Karen at Rainbow Meadows and Gary and I.  
The decision was to do more antibiotics and see if the infection would encapsulate. So, she was not put down and is now actually galloping around the pasture. Walking sound and on 1/4 Prevacox daily.  The fetlock joint is still larger than normal and probably will be from now on. But, she is a happy horse. I'm so happy too. This old girl is special to me.

I also have taken some riding lessons. I have learned to ride better and bought an English saddle for my fat boy Hawk.  The saddle fits him much better than my western saddle ever did and he is a happy horse too.

I also went on a cattle drive with 2 other volunteers from Rainbow Meadows and we all 3 rode rescue horses.  Had a blast.

Today, 14 members of Sigma Pi from Oklahoma State University came to the rescue and helped out doing all kinds of work. Had a great time with them. They were very nice young men. They want to come back and bring more members.

That's all for now.  Have a great weekend everyone.