Saturday, December 18, 2010

RIP Munition.

For those of you who don't know, Munition was an OTTB.  That stands for off-track TB, a race horse that wasn't very good at running races. His trainer cared about him and worked at finding him a good home.  The  trainer placed Munition with a woman whom he thought was a good match, even made her ride him at the trainer's for a month before taking him. A few days after getting the horse, she learns she can't afford him and either gave/sold the horse to a kill buyer. Whether she knew this man was scum remains to be proven. Anyway, 22 days after this took place, she asked for help finding the horse.  Many people tried to find Munition, including the former trainer who was understandably upset at what happened. A $2000 reward was offered.  Guess where Munition is now......floating around in some sewer, or what is left of him.  Yep, he was slaughtered.  Now, there are  EU regulations on what meds slaughter horses can have in their system and Munition had those that were not allowed. Someone lied on Munition's paperwork. So who ate poison horsemeat????  I hope they die a horrible death like Munition probably did.  As for the witch who sold/gave him away, I hope he haunts her the rest of her life. I hope she never, ever  has a good night's sleep again.

Rest In Peace Munition

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Little Donkey Who Can't/Won't Bray

This is my sweet, little donkey boy. He is adopted and I love him to pieces. He likes being held and loved on. He can raise his little brown nose for kisses. He is 1 1/2 years old. He squeaks, snorts, says hee hee heeeee, haaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa and the other evening he giggled!  He makes all kinds of sounds but never really brays.  I never know what is going to come out of that cute, little body.  He likes to take my sleeve in his mouth and tug on my arm for attention. He also likes to drag things around. We never know where the feed pan is going to end up.  We need to nail it down but I don't think that would help. He would figure out a way to drag it off. We find chunks of trees that he has brought up to the house. He will carry off the buckets if he gets a chance.  He just never brays.  But he sure is loved.

Friday, November 19, 2010

View from the porch

Wow, didn't realize that it has been a whole month since I've posted anything. Time is flying by that's for sure.  Gary had some biopsies done and they were negative, yippee! 

Ace continues to do well. He's almost at 1000 lbs now.  We are now officially feeding hay. Three bales at a time so far.  Gary put up some hay racks in the barn for when Tessa, Sandy and Ace have to have access to it.  Using 10 ft panels to make 10 x 10 pens instead of building stalls was a good thing to do here. The other horses have a big run in but for some reason, don't like to share with the 3 older ones so they get the barn. Of course Pokey and Lil Bit have their own pasture with a run in so they have shelter too.  Makes a lot more work for us when we have to clean the barn before feeding but that's ok, work is good for the soul.  These cooler mornings really get the horses to running and playing. Especially Star. She is the youngest at 4 and really can put on a show. Of course, I never have the camera ready.

We did get to ride a couple of times this Fall. First time in 3 years. Boy it was so much fun. Hawk and Sonny did so well, one would never have believed it had been 3 years since they had  a saddle on their backs. 

We are ready for the really cold stuff from Mother Nature. All the hay is here and the heaters are in the water tanks.  The horses are growing their furry coats.

This is going to be a hard winter for horses though. Many don't have adequate food or shelter. It breaks my heart that I can't help/save every one of them.  Please be watchful and if you see a horse in need, please, please try to help it.

Remember to be thankful for all your blessings.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Good and Bad news

This is Ace. A survivor of  the Winding Roads fiasco. First pic is in July, seond is a week ago. He's doing well thank you.

Next, I want you to read the following at Horse and Man. Don't just sit there, do something. This POS should not get away with this with nothing but a slap on the wrist.

Finally, not to leave a bad taste in your mouth after the last link, go here. There are men with a heart of gold.....

The BLM reportedly shot a mare that was blind in one eye while Levi survived being almost totally blind.  Shows how stupid the BLM is now doesn't it.

Have a great weekend everyone and your horses, they know if you do or not. They have feelings too.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Smart Little Donkeys

Yesterday, we had planned to leave early to go up to Rainbow Meadows to pick up some more Thrive for the older horses that live here.  Well, you know the saying....the best laid plans.....  We have divided the 6 donkeys into 2 herds which works better and keeps all of them from fighting. We have the bigger ones in the north pasture and the smaller ones in the south pasture. Cruiser, Belle and BJ are in the north pasture. At feeding time yesterday morning, these 3 were AWOL. This is very strange as they are always at the barn when it's time to eat. Gary took off on foot with a bucket that had a small amount of grain in it.  I got the rest of the equines fed and out of the barn, water tanks filled etc. All done.  Where is Gary with the 3 donkeys????????  I'm getting a little worried so I take off on foot up north. I meet Gary (without the donks or feed bucket) at the shop. He's getting the truck???? The donks were on the wrong side of the fence. Crap!!!!  So much for leaving early.  We take fencing materials in the truck with us and head north. We meet Cruiser about half way. He was heading to the house.  When we get to the fence, there is Belle on our side of the fence, running back and forth. Little BJ was still on the wrong side!  We had to cut the fence and let BJ come through. OK, fix the hole we made and start looking for the one that they got out of. Finally found it and the 3 top strands of barbed wire were broken. Now, before anyone screams over the words barbed wire, remember we live in Oklahoma. Perimeter fence is barbed wire. There are cows on the other side and that's the only thing that will keep cows out. We figured that several deer got spooked and just ran through the fence, yes they will do that. The north fence is very old and we will have to replace it soon.  My point to all this is...I think Cruiser was coming to the house for help. What makes me think this????  Gary left the feed bucket by the fence where we let BJ through. The feed wasn't touched. Getting BJ back in safely was more important to Cruiser than eating.  Now, if my tame donkeys are so attached to each other, how do the wild burros and donkeys feel when the BLM rounds them up and only lets one go free.  What in the hell is up with that!!!!  ONE???  The BLM is just plain stupid and money hungry in my book. The equines they have control over don't mean a damn thing to them.  Anyway, all donks are back where they belong and are safe. No harm done except to the fence and that can be fixed pretty darn easy.  BJ is the grey and white donkey in the photo above.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

American Horsemeat

Check out the new link to the right. NO, I'm not supporting horse slaughter, just the opposite!  But the new link is good reading. Tells just what the horse-eaters are consuming.  Pay attention Slaughterhouse Sue.....   Companys who intentionally make people sick with their food end up paying through the nose big time!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sirius. Port Authority bomb dog, lost on 9-11-2001.  RIP all souls lost that day.  For a very long time, I had a picture of Osama Bin Ladin on the fridge with crosshairs on it. Everyday, I would walk by it and "shoot" him. One day, he will answer to God for his deeds.  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Help is Needed

Desperate help is needed to place 45 horses in Kansas. No fees, well maybe Coggins, I'm not sure. These horses were seized from Winding Roads Rescue. Several horses were put down due to their condition after the seizure by Kansas State vets. Coffee County Kansas did the seizure. After 30 days, some are still just a 1 on Henneke scale.  There is less than 20 days remaining to place these horses or they will be sent to auction. I can see the killbuyers drooling now. There is a mare and 4 month old foal. Longhopes took the donkeys, God bless'em. A mini rescue took the minis, again, God bless'em. Contact Karen Everhart at if you can help. There is a placement form to fill out and a site visit and vet/farrier references will be checked. Please if anyone can help, do so. I hate the idea of any of these innocent souls going to auction after a rescue failed them.  I cannot believe someone I once considered a friend would do something like this.  May she rot in hell for it. She will answer to her Maker one day. How she can sleep at night is beyond me. Starving the horses in her care after posting on Facebook about going out to eat. Despicable!!!  I don't even know if the ones pictured are still alive!

Friday, August 6, 2010


 Sue Wallis, rep WY.   Sue Cattor, helicopter contractor.    Mrs Cattor wants to round up the mustangs and stampede them into pens. Sue Wallis wants to eat them. 

OMG, where are the aliens when you need them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The above photo is of Sweetheart the day we picked her up at a rescue. She was saved from going to slaughter by an online group and we adopted her on January 31st, 2009.  Today, August 5, 2010, we laid her to rest.  I feel she had a stroke yesterday and it progressed further during the night and this morning. The vet came out about 9:30 and she crossed over easily and peacefully.  I talked to her before he got here and told her how much she was loved. I finally sat on her back. I had always planned on a short, bareback ride as she had such a smooth gait (she was TWH) but never did it. She will be buried here on the ranch with a bale of hay, a letter telling her how much she was loved and her picture. Goodbye Sweetheart. You were one in a million. I love you. See you on the other side.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



John Holland

Vicki Tobin

How do you make 2000 horses disappear? Let BLM manage them.

CHICAGO, (EWA) - As controversy swirls over the aggressive removal of horses from the range by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), a more fundamental question has arisen over what is happening to the horses it already has in holding. Over the past several years, equine advocates have been scrutinizing the BLM's horse population counts. Once again, the numbers don't add up to their claims.

The BLM doesn't make it easy to track horses being removed from the range or residing in short and long term holding. The taxpayers who pay for the removals and the subsequent care are not allowed to view the horses under the well worn excuse that they are being held on "private property". Consequently, there are no checks and balances to verify information being reported.

It also raises a salient question. With 262 million mostly vacant acres under its control, why on earth is a federal agency such as the BLM wasting taxpayer's money to lease private property?

Increasingly, the BLM is using the "private property" wild card whenever they don't want the public to see what they are doing - whether it's the actual removals or subsequent holding. A recent article by George Knapp, They execute horses, don't they?, spoke to this devious maneuver.

Somewhere on "private property" there are 2,282 horses missing from the BLM's wild horse holding facilities or the numbers the BLM is reporting are not accurate.

As of July 9, 2010, BLM has removed 5,334 horses from public lands and yet, an increase of only 625 horses is reflected on their most recent population facility chart for fiscal-year (FY) 2010.

A first grade child could do the math by taking the number of horses reported on holding facility charts, adding the number of horses rounded-up and subtracting the number reported as adopted and sold and quickly discover the totals are not accurate.

-33,166 horses in holding (starting point for FY 2010 from October 2009 BLM report)

-5,334 horses removed through July 9 (prior to the Tuscarora round-up)

-2,427 adopted, sold & deaths during removals (Although the BLM reported only 2 deaths, we have added a total 170 deaths to compensate for the deaths known to have occurred during the Calico removals)

The BLM numbers don't even reflect the 300 - 500 adopted horses BLM claims are returned by adopters each year, or the number of foals born in captivity. According to the 2008 GAO BLM report, 303 foals were born in long term holding during FY 2007. In either case, adding those numbers to the counts only increases the number of missing horses.

After allowing for the deaths, the BLM should still have 36,073 horses in holding facilities but they are reporting only 33,791 on the June 2010 holding facility chart. "Where are the 2,282 horses that are missing from BLM's accounting of the horses in holding facilities?" asked EWA vice president, Valerie James-Patton.

The GAO report states that BLM is not required to report the number of deaths in long term holding facilities, but if 2,282 horses have died there in just a nine month period, there's a much larger problem taking place in BLM's wild horse facilities than just what paper work reveals, certainly much more than what BLM is willing to tell.

"How can we have any confidence in BLM's estimates of the wild horse population when they can't even count the number of horses in their pens?" asked EWA's president, John Holland.


The Equine Welfare Alliance is a dues free, umbrella organization with over 115 member organizations. The organization focuses its efforts on the welfare of all equines and the preservation of wild equids.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

Looking at this picture makes me feel good. I love the mountains. So majestic. And cool looking, temperature wise. I can't see any mountains here but I know they are out there to the west. 

The horses and donks are handling the heat very well. Graze in the cool of the mornings and at night. Afternoons are spent in the run-in by the water tank.  Of course, then I get to clean the run-ins. But I have purchased a little dump trailer for my big lawn mower so cleaning up the poop is easier. I haul the poop out to a bare spot in the pasture and spread it out there. Far from the barn and house. The sun dries it out and soon there will be stuff growing there.  I also use the trailer for hauling around my weed-eater and nippers. I like our gate area to be neat and tidy. I move water tanks around with it too. One of the best purchases I have made.  Have a nice weekend everyone, stay cool and don't forget to fill the water tank, animals and humans.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Worthly cause. Please help. This rescue takes in old horses and gives them sanctuary. You don't have to donate much, a couple of bucks.  Makes you feel good.  I love our older horses. They're so calm and expressive.  They maybe past their prime but they need love and care too. 

Things progressing towards Gary starting his cancer treatments very soon. Sure to be a trying time for us but we will get through it.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bye Bye little tractor

Yesterday, Gary sold his little MF tractor. We hardly ever used it and it was just taking up room. When the buyer came to get it, he was in a semi pulling a large, flat-bed trailer. Now getting in here with a semi is no small feat!  As he came up the drive, BJ (donkey on the left of the group of 3) who is a year old, planted herself in the drive facing the truck. The driver had to come to a complete stop and toot his air horn at her. She jumped about 6 inches straight up!  LOL.  She likes to chase cars down the drive too. Wonder what she would do if she ever caught Have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Slaughter Sue continues to spew BS

 OMG she's at it again, not that she ever stopped......

Maybe the earth will open up and just swallow this broad. But then the earth would be poisoned even more than it is already.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot Summer Days

Last day of June. Temps not too bad. Heard from radiologist today. The PET scan showed the cancer has not spread and is curable.  Such good news!  Chemo is for sure. Radiation or surgery still up for discussion. 

Happy 4th of July everyone.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hidden Killer

This is a close up of a killer!! 

This is esophageal cancer.  This is in my husband's esophagus.   He had removal of the voice box 17 years ago for a cancer on one of his vocal cords.  He has been fighting this stuff since. He has had laser surgery with skin grafts and last January, had major surgery to replace the top portion of his esophagus with a skin flap from his arm, then a skin graft to arm to cover the area where the skin flap was taken. Took forever for him to completely heal. We thought we were home free!  Yea, no more cancer.  WRONG!!  A bout of mild chest pain put him in the hospital for tests. An EGD was done and this was found.  Now, more major, major surgery is an option but that would involve taking a portion of the small bowel and putting it in his chest.  Big time surgery!  OR, he can do the radiation/chemo route.  This was what he choose.  Should start all this week after next.  This is scary people.  This could kill him!  The cancer can eat through the esophagus to the major vessels behind it. Namely the vena cava and aorta.  He would then bleed to death. The Dr said this was a very messy death.  Ewww.  Don't want to even think about that.  To say I'm scared would be an understatement.  Prayers would be appreciated by anyone. Whatever supreme being you believe in, ask for hubby to be spared.  I'm not ready to give him up.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Monday

Here it is June the 14th and the temperature is in the 60's. Wow. I love it. We have had quite a bit of rain this morning. Some areas of Oklahoma are flooding. Speaking of flooding, much sympathy to those who lost loved ones in Arkansas. One never knows when one's time is up so live each day as if it were your last.

These are pictures I took of Rose a couple of days ago. She was a little ways away from the rest of the herd. Just peacefully grazing alone. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Sweetheart is doing well. Back up to full rations and seems to feel good. Cruiser is coming along in learning to trust. Talking to a donkey is so much fun. They really listen and you can see their eyes watching you. Trying to understand what is being said. 

Things are pretty quiet here and that's the way I like it.  Well, except for the thunder this morning. I love listening to a storm. 

If anyone reading this can help with this fund raiser, it would be so appreciated.

The funds will be sent to a wonderful lady who is raising orphaned foals from the Calico herd that the @#$^&%**@#$$#  BLM rounded up.  A couple of foals died before anything was done by the BLM to save these helpless little ones.  Last count there were 5 babies that were being raised by this lady.  It's only $5 per donation. Not much but a little adds up to a lot if several people help.   Oh, and read Horse and Man daily. It's a fun blog. 

Well, that's it for now. Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End of May

This is Sweetheart. She is recovering from enteritis. Which is inflammation of the small bowel. A lot of horses do not make it with this. She was far. After 8 days in an equine hospital, she is home. She had loads of antibiotics and other medications. We were continuing her treatment at home for another 5 days.Until the morning, she just flat said to us she was tired of being penned up, tired of being a pincushion, and having things shoved down her throat. If you listen with your heart and not your ears, you can tell what a horse wants. And she wanted to be a normal horse again. So we gave in to her desires and turned her loose.  She seems to be doing pretty well. She is out to pasture with Tessa and Sandy. She is 20+ years old, we are not sure of her exact age. She is a throw-a-way horse. Saved off the feedlot. So, we are making her last days with us as happy as possible. Her name truly fits her. So easy to work with.

 Now, this is Cruiser. One morning a few weeks ago, we didn't see the donks at breakfast time. He was the reason. He had gotten into the pasture because Belle was in season. New baby next year????? Maybe, hope not. He is now a gelding and is trying to fit in with the rest of the donkey herd. However, Dunkey is not too happy with that. But things will work out and he will settle down and be one of the herd. It just takes time. They sure do make a lot of noise when they get started braying. Wakes you right up, lol.

Have a wonderful, safe Memorial Day weekend and don't forget why we have that holiday. God Bless America. And, Freedom Is Not Free!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Memories

What are the first childhood memories you can remember?  Mine are playing in a sandbox when I was about 6 or so. Living on a 60 acre farm with my family. Dad, mom, me and little sister. We were dirt poor but happy. Dad worked hard to earn a living for us on that small farm. We had cows, pigs and chickens. Hated the chickens. Wasn't too crazy about the pigs. But loved the cows. But I wasn't playing with little plastic cows in that sandbox. Nope. I was playing with little plastic horses. The kind one could get at the dime-store for a few cents. My earliest memories are of wanting a horse so bad I could almost taste it. But knowing we couldn't afford one. Fast forward several years to when I was living in SW Missouri. Raising a family. Hubby and I went to a few local horse sales. I was in my twenties but had absolutely no idea that a lot of those beautiful horses at the sale would die in a slaughter house. We lived on a small place in the country, it wasn't ours but I had a couple of horses to ride. Then came divorce, having to sell my precious horses. Fast forward several more years. Another marriage and our own land in the country. Able to retire from my job and be at home. Loved watching the Kentucky Derby. Who was this horse, Barbaro?  Wow could he run!  Saw the Preakness!  While searching the Internet for news of him and praying somehow he could be saved, found an Internet forum. Followed along with Barbaro's story. This inspired me to buy a couple of horses and the rest is history. Now here we are in Oklahoma on 42 acres. We don't have to depend on the land to earn a living for us and we can give a life-time home to rescued horses and donkeys. I was happy when the slaughter houses in the US were closed. But too many of our horses are still going across the borders and dying horrible deaths. I keep trying along with many others to pass the laws to stop this. The good people in Canada are trying too. Someday, we will win. All I know is the horses in the above picture are safe with us. Never will they ride in the horrible truck to their deaths.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This woman (and that is an insult to the rest of us females!) is getting on my nerves!  She is a state rep for Wyoming.  She is insistent on having a horse slaughter house in her state. Wants to feed the meat to prisoners and children. WTF!  I really think that she has gone around the bend or maybe she is on some of that left-over LSD from the 60's.  She states that there are as many horse meat meals served as McDonald's hamburgers!  Now lets get real here. She is an idiot. She say Dr. Temple Grandin is going to design a nice, humane way to kill horses.  I don't like Ms Grandin much either. Why is it one can never see her name without the word autism???? I think she uses her disability to make money. I think it is a slam to all mothers who have autistic children. Autism is a terrible thing. But Ms Grandin brandies it about like it's the most wonderful thing in the world. I have read that Ms Grandin says animals talk to her by putting picture words in her head.  Okay...... Like I believe that. But, I digress, back to ole Sue.  Missouri and Tennessee threw out their bills on horse slaughter for this session.  Are we getting scared Sue????  Think someone might believe that the damage to nature from horse slaughter plants or the cancer-causing drugs horses get might have finally sunk in to people.  Finally! someone is getting the truth out. The USDA will not pay for inspectors at the plants. Sue thinks the states should pay them. Now most states are in trouble with their budgets. Sure, let's fire teachers, policemen and firefighters so we can pay for inspectors at the plants.  Stupid, stupid. Maybe Sue is slipping into middle-age and is having a crisis. 

Just for fun, Google slaughterhouse sue and see what comes up! 

All my horses have had Bute at some point so they are not eligible for slaughter. So there, take that Sue!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spa day for Rose

Well looks like Rose has rolled in the red mud again. She loves to do this, especially in the Spring. When we brought her here two years ago, she was a flea-bitten grey. If the light was just right, one could see her blaze but most of the time, it didn't show up. She gets brushed and curried and when it rains during warm weather, she loves to stand out in it so the mud washes off. Except, her mane and tail have taken on a flame red color. Guess I could shampoo them and get the red out but I really kind of like her look. Besides, isn't a mud pack good for the skin?????  She is the sweetest old girl. She can walk up behind you so quietly. Then all of a sudden, you have a horse chin resting lightly on your shoulder. She is another one saved from slaughter three years ago. She is our grand dame for sure. Love ya Rosie!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Freedom of Speech????

An undercover series of videos taken in a couple of the Canadian horse slaughter plants was released by the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition. These videos were available on YouTube. Not now. Seems they have been pulled. Wonder who put pressue on YouTube to do this?????  Could it be someone from Missouri. The state that wants so bad to bring slaughter to the beautiful countryside in the southern part.  Horse blood flowing down those rivers that are so nice for a canoe trip????? 

 The videos were graphic but showed the horror of horse slaughter.  In one, horses were shot with a .22 caliber rifle. There is a humane way to do this but this method was not being used. The horses were wounded many times before being released out of the kill box to be hung by one leg and their throat's slit. One horse was definitely not dead as she kicked the poop out of the throat-sliter.  IMO, it's too bad she didn't kick his head off. There was an inspector wandering in and out of the kill room but said nothing about the treatment of the horses.  So much for humane euthanaisa.

Now what has happened to our freedoms here in the good ole U.S.A.? Seems as though our rights are being violated by this removal. I watched them and was so very mad, I wanted to take the man out back and teach him a lesson.

Warning, they are very graphic but  one needs to watch to learn what our horses are going through. 

Angry as hell in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vet Trip

 We took Tessa to the vet yesterday for x-rays of her front fetlocks/hooves. She had been limping on the right front last week with her boots on. She is chronically lame on the left and this was a new development. I was very worried about arthritis and her being in constant pain. The x-rays were negative for arthritis thank goodness. We do have the copies here at home and I emailed them to our farrier. He now has a new plan on trimming her feet that may make a difference in her left foot. She stopped limping on the right after a few days of Bute. You know Bute, one of the banned meds from the EU slaughter rules that take effect in July. No horse who has EVER had Bute is to be slaughtered for human consumption. Of course that is a joke. Who is going to enforce these rules at the border? No one probably. Bute is known to cause cancer in humans.

 Anyway, back to Tessa. I was afraid she had come to the end of her road but since there is no arthritis, this is not the case. Thank goodness!!! Tessa has quite the Tessa-tude thank you. She was ready to go home after the x-rays were taken. In fact, she tried to get out the door to the x-ray room, lol.  She is a strong willed girl but does not give us a fight. She just lets us know her opinion on things. She was so glad to get back home where she is pampered. Her buddy Sandy was glad to have her back home too.

 The winds are blowing strongly from the south and it's warming up. Storms on the way this weekend though. Toronado season is upon us. Yippee!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother Nature's Joke

Well, Mother Nature played a really bad joke on us this last Saturday. On Friday, it was 70 degrees and sunny. A really wonderful day. I bought shrubs at Lowe's for the front yard. Then things changed! All day Saturday it snowed and blowed. The high was in the low 30's. So much for planting shrubs!!  We ended up with about 6 inches or so. Of course, the drifts were more than 12 inches deep. Sunday was a good day, sunny but windy. Since the ground had warmed up before the blizzard, the snow melted pretty fast. Today (Monday), it is supposed to hit 60 degrees with 70 tomorrow. Good-bye snow. Maybe I will get those shrubs in the ground this week. Gary returns to the dr on Wednesday to get the final stitches out of his neck. Hopefully, this time things will hold and he can soon be rid of the feeding tube. I hope for his sake that happens soon as he has lost about 25 pounds over this ordeal. He is doing well otherwise.  All the horses are doing well too. Tessa and Sandy spent some time in the east pen with access to the barn alleyway since they are the ones who seem to get left out of the run in. They are both out today and moving around well. Tessa has her boots on as she just cannot walk without pain barefoot. Those boots have been a real life-saver for her, literally. The farrier has tried everything he knows and those boots were the last resort. I'm so glad they are working for her. I would hate to say good-bye just yet. Happy Spring everyone.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Isn't she the cutest little thing you've ever seen. This is Haley's baby. Born at Beauty's Haven Rescue in Florida.
Pictures by Beauty's Haven. 

Monday, February 8, 2010


Well, here comes the 3rd snowfall of this winter. This time, it's big, fluffy flakes. Although I would have perfered sunshine and warm temps, this is pretty. It is supposed to quit this evening. Hmmmm, wonder how many inches we will have before then. Farrier coming this morning to finish doing the equines. Saturday we did 8 horses and 2 donkeys. Today, it's just one horse and 3 donkeys. I will be glad when the sun comes out and dries up the mud. I know mud is part of winter and if you have mud, the temps are mild. So guess it's a trade-off. Although I am very tired of slogging through the mud, it's better than having to put on the heavy, insulated clothes. Soon Spring will be here and things will start to get green. I'm so looking forward to that. All the equines are going well, Tessa still lame on the left front but when the mud dries, we will put her booties back on and that will help I hope.
Gary doing very well. Continuing to heal. He is trying to do some things that he used to and has found out he is a bit weak. No surprise there!! But he too will get better. Thanks for all the prayers. Much love from Hawk's Acres.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here is the correct link to the blog that tells about horses in need.



Gary out of ICU and doing well. I haven't been down to see him because of a big ice/snow storm we had Thursday. Makes my job harder but am muddling through.

Now for some not so good news.

3 camp horses waiting on a Ks KB lot for the long, cold trip to death.

Any help is appreciated. $650 needed to bail all 3. They have until Tuesday, February 2. Not long to live is it. They don't know it but they soon will unless help arrives soon.

Check out
Winding Road Equine Rescue blog spot. See link on the left.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, guess it's time I updated this silly blog. The 28th of December, Gary had a dilatation of the esophagus with biopies. The cancer has come back in the esophagus. The plans are to do a resection of the esophagus and replace the section removed with a portion of his lower, inside forearm. They will take skin, veins and small arteries from his arm and rebuild the esophagus. This will be a very long surgery 6-8 hours at least and involve micro-surgery to attach the veins/arteries/skin to the esophagus. They will then stretch the remaining vessels in his arm and reattach them. A skin graft from his thigh will be placed over the wound in the arm. He will be in the hospital for 8-14 days. This all will happen next Monday (25th). Lots of prayers are going up for Gary to get well soon.
He has been working hard to get things done around here. The yard fence is done now. We have extra small bales of hay and will stock up on feed for the horses/donks/goats/cats/dogs this week.
As the time of surgery draws near, our dread and anxiety is increasing. I'm not looking forward to the long sit in the hospital waiting for word from the doctors. He is not looking forward to the long healing time. By the time he is well enough to be outside, it will almost be Spring. At least the deck is done now and he may be able to sit out there and look at the horses and donkeys. He loves them so.
I'll try to keep this updated a little better once the surgery is over.