Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spa day for Rose

Well looks like Rose has rolled in the red mud again. She loves to do this, especially in the Spring. When we brought her here two years ago, she was a flea-bitten grey. If the light was just right, one could see her blaze but most of the time, it didn't show up. She gets brushed and curried and when it rains during warm weather, she loves to stand out in it so the mud washes off. Except, her mane and tail have taken on a flame red color. Guess I could shampoo them and get the red out but I really kind of like her look. Besides, isn't a mud pack good for the skin?????  She is the sweetest old girl. She can walk up behind you so quietly. Then all of a sudden, you have a horse chin resting lightly on your shoulder. She is another one saved from slaughter three years ago. She is our grand dame for sure. Love ya Rosie!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Freedom of Speech????

An undercover series of videos taken in a couple of the Canadian horse slaughter plants was released by the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition. These videos were available on YouTube. Not now. Seems they have been pulled. Wonder who put pressue on YouTube to do this?????  Could it be someone from Missouri. The state that wants so bad to bring slaughter to the beautiful countryside in the southern part.  Horse blood flowing down those rivers that are so nice for a canoe trip????? 

 The videos were graphic but showed the horror of horse slaughter.  In one, horses were shot with a .22 caliber rifle. There is a humane way to do this but this method was not being used. The horses were wounded many times before being released out of the kill box to be hung by one leg and their throat's slit. One horse was definitely not dead as she kicked the poop out of the throat-sliter.  IMO, it's too bad she didn't kick his head off. There was an inspector wandering in and out of the kill room but said nothing about the treatment of the horses.  So much for humane euthanaisa.

Now what has happened to our freedoms here in the good ole U.S.A.? Seems as though our rights are being violated by this removal. I watched them and was so very mad, I wanted to take the man out back and teach him a lesson.

Warning, they are very graphic but  one needs to watch to learn what our horses are going through. 

Angry as hell in Oklahoma.