Friday, September 16, 2011

September News

On August 30th, we lost Lil Bit to colic. She was around 26 and I think had some internal issues besides colic. She was buried out at the cemetery. Then, a few days ago, we lost our Texas cat, Little Man.  What a year this has been. 

Losing a beloved horse is hard but there is always another one needing a home.

This is Ladybug. She is a blind 21 year old QH. She and Pokey have become friends now. 

Gary's cancer has come back again. He has fought this stuff for 18 years now. After a little bit of surgery, he will be on chemo again for a while.  We have decided to sell our little piece of Oklahoma and move to Kansas. To a smaller house and less acreage. And, closer to good friends and family.  We have a buyer and are working to get the sale done.  Hawk's Acres will be moving to Kansas soon.   The local vet told me we could not move as they didn't want us too.  I will miss them greatly, they have become friends. Will also miss my good gal friend in OKC.  But, maybe she and my Texas friends can come up for a visit to the Land of Oz. 

Life throws punches and we have to roll with them and place the future in God's hands. I let Him lead me in the way He wants us to go.  Now, if He would just give me  patience.  LOL  Hugs.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Our 3 old horses are now together forever at the Rainbow Bridge. We laid Sandy to rest this evening. She almost made it to 30. The middle picture is her. She was a daughter of Mr San Peppy. Born in 1982.  She would wrinkle her nose when she ate, never saw a horse do that before. She learned that we could be trusted and that we loved her very much. She also learned to give nose kisses for cookies. Boy, did she love her cookies. She went with a mouthfull. She passed easy and quickly.  We lost Tessa in March, Ace in May and now Sandy this 1st day of August.  I miss those old horses so much. Each one of them had a different personality. Each one was loved.

Goodbye my dear Sandy. Wait with Tessa and Ace for us.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th to all. Hope everyone stays safe this weekend. I love the above picture. Mustangs are definitely made in the good ole USA. I deeply hope we always have mustangs running wild and free.  I admit I snatched the picture off of FB but I don't think they will care. Our mustangs should always be protected.

Now for this.  Somehow, Hawk tore up his L back leg. We don't know how and didn't see anything that could have done this in the pasture. We found the blood pool in an open area of the north pasture. He spent 4 days in the hospital with a stack wrap on his leg. Came home on oral antibiotics and now we are using something recommended by the local vet. It's a spray called Vetericyn. I've heard good things about it from several people. The above picture was taken on 6-22.

This picture taken on 6-30. Wound is doing well with just spraying twice a day with the Vetericyn. I am keeping a picture documentation of his progress for the company. They want to know how he is doing. They also are sending us a free bottle of the stuff. Which is very nice of them. Our price for a 16 oz bottle was $34. But, it seems to be working very well. Has no antibiotics in it but there isn't any infection or proud flesh (yet). I was so worried about the flies getting into the wound and slowing healing but that hasn't happened so far. Hawk is really good about letting us doctor his boo boo. We kept him in the back yard for a few days along with Sonny for company but now he is out in the south pasture with the rest of them. With the temps around 105, he isn't going to be romping and playing. Neither are we!

So that's it from Hawk's Acres today. Please pray we get some rain. Our grass is dry already and not growing at all. There seems to be a bubble around Logan Co Oklahoma....  God bless and keep you safe.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


I subscribe to the blog "The Daily Oats".  I get it by email and today's entry really had an impact on me. 

The river ride

Daily Oats: livin' for the whiinny | June 5, 2011 at 12:35 pm | Tags: Ranch life | Categories: inspirational | URL:

I am convinced that our happiness or our unhappiness depends on how we ride our horse down the trail rather than the trail that we are riding on, and so is life.

It is not the end of the ride that we look forward to, but the ride itself, no matter what trail that may be.

Most of the time, it is not the long rides the a beautiful country road we remember the most, but It is rides across the greatest terrain, the steepest hills, the wider rivers that brings us to the greatest adventures that we will talk about years to come.

It is learning to ride those steepest trails, those rising mountains and the flash floods and rising waters of the rivers, that we arrive at our greatest potential.

So, my wish for you today, is no-matter what is going on in your life, is to also remember to grab a little leather, hang on with every thing that is in you, and ride-BABY ride. As long as you live to tell everyone that you made it across the river, the ride will always be worth the trip. Just look for the lesson because you will have gained experience, knowledge and you will have expanded your soul.

Let it all go and just be the WHINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!

Daily Oats: Livin' for the whinny

Whinny's Roberta

Roberta Edstrom

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Roberta, this one was great. Wish I had written it.

No matter what life throws at you, ride, baby ride. This is a great thing to live by.  Living with a wonderful man who has been fighting cancer for 18 years and whipping it every time it rears it's ugly head is a prime example.  Losing beloved horses is another. Down the road of life, it won't be the easy times we remember but the tough ones. The ones that almost got us down.  We will smile and think, I made it through that.  I firmly believe in the saying "God doesn't give us anything we can't handle with His help.

Remember....RIDE, BABY RIDE!!!!!!

Hugs to all from warm, sunny Oklahoma where life is good.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wallis is at it again....

Read this idiot woman's last diatribe on horse slaughter.  LIES LIES LIES.  If this woman has 2 brain cells to rub together, she must have left them in her other hat. 

Does she really think farmers/ranchers are this stupid to believe her misconceptions about euthanasia of equines?????  

Does she not know of the harm to the environment that was caused by horse slaughter plants? Does she not know that horse blood is hard to break down because of the antibiotics they are given during their lives.  She evidently has not done any research on the subject.  She just makes up her facts as she goes along. 

Slaughter house Sue, hire a researcher and find out the real truth!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is Ace. He was 29 years old and felt like a 2 year old until midmorning. I saw him rolling, getting up, trotting around and rolling again. By the time I got outside, he had come up to the barn.  I was home alone when this happened. I got him in the barn and while I was preparing the Banamine, he went down in the alleyway. He tried to roll again then got up and went into his stall. The gate always stands open except when he is eating. He went down again in the stall (10x10). At that time, hubby came home and I yelled at him to come to the barn. Got the Banamine in Ace and thought his barrel looked bloated so we decided to head to the clinic. 

The news was not good. Physical exam, ultrasound, blood work and belly tap showed a lipoma strangulating his small bowel. Due to the urgency of the situation, Ace was euth'ed at the clinic.

Goodbye Ace, you were loved

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Circle of Life

A little over a month ago, we lost Tessa. We still miss her greatly. The empty stall that won't be filled, putting the feed pan away and her boots.  Saying goodbye is very hard on the heart. But, new life can help heal.

We knew Belle was going to have a little one and we were looking forward to see new life once again. Hopefully, this new life will be the last born here. Tessa whole name was Contessa Lucia. Fancy for a horse that we didn't have papers on, right? I had decided that if the new one was a girl, her name would be Lucy in honor of Tessa.  Well here she is just minutes old. We were able to watch her being born.  Belle needed no help thank goodness.  After the little one was completely out, we walked over and sat down about 4 feet from Belle. Belle must have been extremely tired as she didn't get up right away. That made me worry just a little. Lucy was up and walking before Belle finally got up.

So, we got to see Lucy's first steps. She walked over to us and checked us out. You see, I started talking to her before she was born. I would pet Belle's tummy and say Hi Lucy. So I think she knew our voices.  We left them to get accquainted and came into the house. About 30 minutes later, we went out again to check on them. Belle was up and Lucy was nursing. Cruiser had found them and was standing guard. Belle wouldn't let him close to the baby of course. She still won't today. She did allow Gary and I to pet and fuss over Lucy this morning. 

Lucy is exploring her little world today and playing a bit. Amazing how fast they start to do this. 

Lucy's first video:

Excuse the baby talk, I can't help it, lol.

Have a great weekend.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen!

Happy Easter/Passover everyone.  I love this day of the year. Christ has risen!!!!  Death cannot keep  us, we will live again.

We had a thunderstorm last night. We have received 2 inches of wonderful rain. We actually have mud. Haven't seen mud for a long time. We were beginning to worry that we would need to start buying hay soon.  The grass was still short and it was beginning to get crunchy.  I am thankful for the blessing of that rain. 

Tessa has been gone almost a month now. I still miss her. The farrier was here Friday and he was sad that she had to go but not surprised.   I picture her young again and running in a huge, green pasture with lots of trees and flowing water. 

Sandy and Ace are doing ok together. She bosses him around like I do Gary. I just don't kick out at Gary, lol.  She wants Ace within sight and will whinny for him if she can't see him.  He was so good for the farrier Friday. I couldn't believe it. He was always good about his feet but the grinder was new and he was afraid of it.  Friday, he calmly stood still and his feet were done in a flash. He has great feet.  He enjoys loping a lot too.  For almost 30 years old, he is doing very well. 

Belle hasn't given birth yet. She is bagged up a little but has a ways to go.  She looks like she could explode any day now.  Bless her heart.

Enjoy all the holiday celebrations you might be attending today.  God bless.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Wanted to show you all my Poppys. No, I'm not growing drugs, just like them because they come back every year and re-seed themselves. Less planting for me. lol. 

I read TB Friends everyday. Somedays, it brings tears and others joy.  He talked a lot about young girls and horses.  Men probably wonder what the connection is between females and horses.  I think it's the love that God gave us. We want to nurture and heal things.  We aren't ashamed to cry when a horse dies. We get angry as hell when one is mistreated. And, we will fight like a mamma bear to help one.  It's just deep, deep love. That's a good thing.

Spending the day working on hubby's computer.  How he can get it so screwed up is beyond me. I guess he thinks these free virus protection programs are a good thing. Not so.  Personally, I use McAfee. It has never failed me.  I'm downloading and installing it on his computer and am going to try and clean out the bugs that reside there. Wish me luck.

It seems Summer has made her appearance here in Oklahoma. High winds, high temps and very low humidity. We have had lots of wild fires with homes/barns lost. When there is a bad one, someone always calls the TV stations offering a free pasture for folks horses that are in the path of the fire.  This is true horse country.  We do have kill buyers but horse tripping is illegal. I wish it was in all states and it was enfored.

Sandy and Ace are playing nice with each other. I'm glad.

Stay cool and safe.


Monday, March 28, 2011


We laid Tessa to rest this afternoon. She took part of our hearts with her. She had always been lame on the L front from previous founder. She was neglected then taken to the Centenial Auction in Colorado. The kill buyer, Charlie Carter was out bid on her and she came to live with us here in Oklahoma 3 years ago.  We had her x-rayed last Friday and her coffin bone was sinking badly, almost through the sole.  They suggested euthanaisa. We knew this time would come but had hoped for more time with her. It wasn't to be.  This last weekend was so hard knowing she only X amout of time left.  Last night I put my face into her neck and just sobbed. I though I had it under control today, until I saw the vet's truck coming down our road. We had gotten Tessa, Sandy and Ace in the barn and gave them all some Thrive. Tessa getting a double helping. We brushed her up and combed out her mane and tail. She had such a silky mane and tail. I cut a piece of her tail from underneath and then we walked her out to the grave which was dug yesterday.  The vet today said that this was how all of them should go. This from a man who was proslaughter 3 years ago when we first met. Now, he's not so sure.  Tessa went down easily. It did take a few minutes for her great heart to stop. Sandy was right there and wasn't happy at all. She galloped around and pawed the ground, then stood between Gary and I as Tessa took her last breath.  I hope she and Ace will now become close.  We put a baggie with letters from both of us and some treats in the grave with Tessa.  God speed Tessa, we will always miss you.  See you on the other side..............

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring is finally here. I always dread the months of January and February. They seem so long, cold and dark. Then March comes and new life starts to emerge.  First to turn green are the weeds of course. Right now, the back yard is still pretty much brown but there is a patch of green and purple. Weeds yes, but at last some color to the landscape.  Gary actually put in a small garden this year. He planted tomatoes, corn, peppers, carrots, cantaloupe and watermelen. Now IF this all grows to the fullest potential, it will be lots more than we can eat. But, we love sharing, lol.  The horses and donks will always help us with the carrots, lol.  We might even add a few hens for eggs. I would love a couple of ducks but don't know if they could survive here for long. 

All the horses are starting to shed their winter coats. We turned the fab five up north. They are in heaven. It took all of them a few days to switch over the DLST.  Us too. I just can't seem to get up until the sun does lately. 

The new kitty turned out to be a boy. Whew.  Now to be able to catch him for his shots and possible neutering.  But, Spike seems to be a travelin man. Some days I see him, some days I don't. 

Belle's belly is getting very big.  She is not due until the first week in May.  Hope she gets along ok with the birth.  She loves having her huge belly rubbed.  Cruiser has decided that getting hugs and kisses is a good thing, especially when there is a treat attached. Little Roger thinks he can sit in mom's lap when she sits on an overturned bucket.  I had to convince him that just will not work. 

Well, there seems to be a small storm blowing in, we just got a tiny shower and something blew over on the front deck.  Better go check it out. 

All is well at Hawk's Acres. 

Happy Spring to all.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Can't believe it's been over a month since I posted here.   Time slips by so fast anymore. We all survived the blizzard. Our lowest temp was -15 without the windchill.  The snow was pretty and I'm glad we got it. Then a few days ago we had wonderful rain, a good soaking rain. Now that we really needed. Yesterday, the temp was almost 80. Today however, it's 45. So ready for Spring to truly be here.

This morning, there was a new little being at Hawk's Acres. Her picture is on top. She "talks" a lot but so far, has kept her distance. I just wonder if she followed LIttle Man home last night.  He isn't over joyed at her presence but is tolerating her. It's like he doesn't know what to do with her, lol. Of course, Miss Kitty's nose is out-of-joint again. But, she will get over that in time.  Haven't decided on a name for the new wee one yet.

The second picture is of Ace, the neglected horse from Ks. He is a good boy most of the time. We have been able to cut him back on the amount of Thrive he eats. He still gets a good amount of chopped hay though and will until the grass is really green. I'm thinking about getting a small wood chipper to chop my own hay next winter. It would be less costly and we wouldn't have to lug those bags of already chopped hay home.  They are kinda pricey. We will see what happens with that idea.

All the other critters are doing well. Dogs getting fat due to not being outside much. 

Well, that's it for now. Hugs from Hawk's Acres.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Water. Every living thing needs it. Daily.

In Nevada, there is a new committe of "wild horse experts". They are to oversee the feral horses in the state. All are "welfare ranchers".  These men get to graze their cattle on federal lands for a very small fee per cow/calf pair. One man is a former mustanger, the others are wildlife hunters.....bobcats, coyotes etc. The chairman, Mr. Stremler is a mountain lion bounty hunter. He gets $1800 per cat. WTH!!!  These are "experts"?  I think not. They feel wild horses have no legal right to the water in the state.  They want to remove the wild horses and burros for "illegally" drinking Nevada's water.  Another bogus group just trying to kill off the wild horses so they can make more money.  Round up all the wild horses and just give them to the scum killbuyers to send to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

They also want "2-horse ranches". Now, this is plainly just stupid. If I own land, no one is going to tell me how many horses/burros I can have. As long as I feed them well and make sure they have enough water.  They also want only 1000 wild horses in the whole state. 

Give me a break. I guess some people never have enough of anything and always want more. No matter what they have to do to get it. 

The big wigs in Washington are lucky I'm not the richest woman in the country. I would be digging up all the "dirt" I could on all of them and I would use it to stop horse slaughter and the round ups of all the wild ones.  Blackmail you say?  Sure is. 

And, don't forget the young state senator in Nebraska who wants to build a slaughter house there for horses.  He's a buddy of Slaughterhouse Sue.  The whole slaughterhouse gang is making me sick. 

I hope I'm dead long before the last wild horse. 

Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, we got our first snowfall last night. Not a big deal as you can see. But, it was enought that hubby decided to burn brush piles. So, he drives down to the front of our property in his truck. He can sit in the truck and watch the fire. He stays warm and keeps a close eye on the fire.  Now, anything that is different immediately gets attention from Sonny and Hawk as you can see.
Now, the donkeys were too excited about the fire. They were more insterested in the hay. We also kept Tessa, Sandy and Ace in the barn last night. Today, they are out in the pens munching on nice hay.

Ace is on the west side of the barn. We have doors on that side to shut when the north winds blow and they were closed last night. It was really nice in there with the doors shut.  I don't like to keep them in the barn unless the weather is going to be bad. Fire scares we so very much.  Charlie Daniels' barn burned yesterday. I have read that 11 horses and a bull were lost. This is heartbreaking. Thinking of animals dieing in a fire.  Tonight, the temps are forcasted to be very cold with wind chills below zero. So, once again the doors will be shut and the 3 old ones will be inside.  I think they enjoy being spoiled, lol.