Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here is the correct link to the blog that tells about horses in need.



Gary out of ICU and doing well. I haven't been down to see him because of a big ice/snow storm we had Thursday. Makes my job harder but am muddling through.

Now for some not so good news.

3 camp horses waiting on a Ks KB lot for the long, cold trip to death.

Any help is appreciated. $650 needed to bail all 3. They have until Tuesday, February 2. Not long to live is it. They don't know it but they soon will unless help arrives soon.

Check out
Winding Road Equine Rescue blog spot. See link on the left.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, guess it's time I updated this silly blog. The 28th of December, Gary had a dilatation of the esophagus with biopies. The cancer has come back in the esophagus. The plans are to do a resection of the esophagus and replace the section removed with a portion of his lower, inside forearm. They will take skin, veins and small arteries from his arm and rebuild the esophagus. This will be a very long surgery 6-8 hours at least and involve micro-surgery to attach the veins/arteries/skin to the esophagus. They will then stretch the remaining vessels in his arm and reattach them. A skin graft from his thigh will be placed over the wound in the arm. He will be in the hospital for 8-14 days. This all will happen next Monday (25th). Lots of prayers are going up for Gary to get well soon.
He has been working hard to get things done around here. The yard fence is done now. We have extra small bales of hay and will stock up on feed for the horses/donks/goats/cats/dogs this week.
As the time of surgery draws near, our dread and anxiety is increasing. I'm not looking forward to the long sit in the hospital waiting for word from the doctors. He is not looking forward to the long healing time. By the time he is well enough to be outside, it will almost be Spring. At least the deck is done now and he may be able to sit out there and look at the horses and donkeys. He loves them so.
I'll try to keep this updated a little better once the surgery is over.