Friday, September 16, 2011

September News

On August 30th, we lost Lil Bit to colic. She was around 26 and I think had some internal issues besides colic. She was buried out at the cemetery. Then, a few days ago, we lost our Texas cat, Little Man.  What a year this has been. 

Losing a beloved horse is hard but there is always another one needing a home.

This is Ladybug. She is a blind 21 year old QH. She and Pokey have become friends now. 

Gary's cancer has come back again. He has fought this stuff for 18 years now. After a little bit of surgery, he will be on chemo again for a while.  We have decided to sell our little piece of Oklahoma and move to Kansas. To a smaller house and less acreage. And, closer to good friends and family.  We have a buyer and are working to get the sale done.  Hawk's Acres will be moving to Kansas soon.   The local vet told me we could not move as they didn't want us too.  I will miss them greatly, they have become friends. Will also miss my good gal friend in OKC.  But, maybe she and my Texas friends can come up for a visit to the Land of Oz. 

Life throws punches and we have to roll with them and place the future in God's hands. I let Him lead me in the way He wants us to go.  Now, if He would just give me  patience.  LOL  Hugs.