Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th to all. Hope everyone stays safe this weekend. I love the above picture. Mustangs are definitely made in the good ole USA. I deeply hope we always have mustangs running wild and free.  I admit I snatched the picture off of FB but I don't think they will care. Our mustangs should always be protected.

Now for this.  Somehow, Hawk tore up his L back leg. We don't know how and didn't see anything that could have done this in the pasture. We found the blood pool in an open area of the north pasture. He spent 4 days in the hospital with a stack wrap on his leg. Came home on oral antibiotics and now we are using something recommended by the local vet. It's a spray called Vetericyn. I've heard good things about it from several people. The above picture was taken on 6-22.

This picture taken on 6-30. Wound is doing well with just spraying twice a day with the Vetericyn. I am keeping a picture documentation of his progress for the company. They want to know how he is doing. They also are sending us a free bottle of the stuff. Which is very nice of them. Our price for a 16 oz bottle was $34. But, it seems to be working very well. Has no antibiotics in it but there isn't any infection or proud flesh (yet). I was so worried about the flies getting into the wound and slowing healing but that hasn't happened so far. Hawk is really good about letting us doctor his boo boo. We kept him in the back yard for a few days along with Sonny for company but now he is out in the south pasture with the rest of them. With the temps around 105, he isn't going to be romping and playing. Neither are we!

So that's it from Hawk's Acres today. Please pray we get some rain. Our grass is dry already and not growing at all. There seems to be a bubble around Logan Co Oklahoma....  God bless and keep you safe.