Saturday, May 7, 2011

Circle of Life

A little over a month ago, we lost Tessa. We still miss her greatly. The empty stall that won't be filled, putting the feed pan away and her boots.  Saying goodbye is very hard on the heart. But, new life can help heal.

We knew Belle was going to have a little one and we were looking forward to see new life once again. Hopefully, this new life will be the last born here. Tessa whole name was Contessa Lucia. Fancy for a horse that we didn't have papers on, right? I had decided that if the new one was a girl, her name would be Lucy in honor of Tessa.  Well here she is just minutes old. We were able to watch her being born.  Belle needed no help thank goodness.  After the little one was completely out, we walked over and sat down about 4 feet from Belle. Belle must have been extremely tired as she didn't get up right away. That made me worry just a little. Lucy was up and walking before Belle finally got up.

So, we got to see Lucy's first steps. She walked over to us and checked us out. You see, I started talking to her before she was born. I would pet Belle's tummy and say Hi Lucy. So I think she knew our voices.  We left them to get accquainted and came into the house. About 30 minutes later, we went out again to check on them. Belle was up and Lucy was nursing. Cruiser had found them and was standing guard. Belle wouldn't let him close to the baby of course. She still won't today. She did allow Gary and I to pet and fuss over Lucy this morning. 

Lucy is exploring her little world today and playing a bit. Amazing how fast they start to do this. 

Lucy's first video:

Excuse the baby talk, I can't help it, lol.

Have a great weekend.


Grayhorse said...

Congratulations... Hope that Lucy will ease the empty spot just a bit... She's a cutie!

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Aero said...

She shares her birthday with George Clooney. :)