Friday, April 8, 2011


Wanted to show you all my Poppys. No, I'm not growing drugs, just like them because they come back every year and re-seed themselves. Less planting for me. lol. 

I read TB Friends everyday. Somedays, it brings tears and others joy.  He talked a lot about young girls and horses.  Men probably wonder what the connection is between females and horses.  I think it's the love that God gave us. We want to nurture and heal things.  We aren't ashamed to cry when a horse dies. We get angry as hell when one is mistreated. And, we will fight like a mamma bear to help one.  It's just deep, deep love. That's a good thing.

Spending the day working on hubby's computer.  How he can get it so screwed up is beyond me. I guess he thinks these free virus protection programs are a good thing. Not so.  Personally, I use McAfee. It has never failed me.  I'm downloading and installing it on his computer and am going to try and clean out the bugs that reside there. Wish me luck.

It seems Summer has made her appearance here in Oklahoma. High winds, high temps and very low humidity. We have had lots of wild fires with homes/barns lost. When there is a bad one, someone always calls the TV stations offering a free pasture for folks horses that are in the path of the fire.  This is true horse country.  We do have kill buyers but horse tripping is illegal. I wish it was in all states and it was enfored.

Sandy and Ace are playing nice with each other. I'm glad.

Stay cool and safe.


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