Monday, March 28, 2011


We laid Tessa to rest this afternoon. She took part of our hearts with her. She had always been lame on the L front from previous founder. She was neglected then taken to the Centenial Auction in Colorado. The kill buyer, Charlie Carter was out bid on her and she came to live with us here in Oklahoma 3 years ago.  We had her x-rayed last Friday and her coffin bone was sinking badly, almost through the sole.  They suggested euthanaisa. We knew this time would come but had hoped for more time with her. It wasn't to be.  This last weekend was so hard knowing she only X amout of time left.  Last night I put my face into her neck and just sobbed. I though I had it under control today, until I saw the vet's truck coming down our road. We had gotten Tessa, Sandy and Ace in the barn and gave them all some Thrive. Tessa getting a double helping. We brushed her up and combed out her mane and tail. She had such a silky mane and tail. I cut a piece of her tail from underneath and then we walked her out to the grave which was dug yesterday.  The vet today said that this was how all of them should go. This from a man who was proslaughter 3 years ago when we first met. Now, he's not so sure.  Tessa went down easily. It did take a few minutes for her great heart to stop. Sandy was right there and wasn't happy at all. She galloped around and pawed the ground, then stood between Gary and I as Tessa took her last breath.  I hope she and Ace will now become close.  We put a baggie with letters from both of us and some treats in the grave with Tessa.  God speed Tessa, we will always miss you.  See you on the other side..............


Rainbow Rescue said...

You and Gary did the right thing, which provided peace for Tessa and left you both heartbroken. What an unselfish decision you made.

You are wonderful lovers of horses.


Aero said...

Tessa will love you always and forever.