Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Water. Every living thing needs it. Daily.

In Nevada, there is a new committe of "wild horse experts". They are to oversee the feral horses in the state. All are "welfare ranchers".  These men get to graze their cattle on federal lands for a very small fee per cow/calf pair. One man is a former mustanger, the others are wildlife hunters.....bobcats, coyotes etc. The chairman, Mr. Stremler is a mountain lion bounty hunter. He gets $1800 per cat. WTH!!!  These are "experts"?  I think not. They feel wild horses have no legal right to the water in the state.  They want to remove the wild horses and burros for "illegally" drinking Nevada's water.  Another bogus group just trying to kill off the wild horses so they can make more money.  Round up all the wild horses and just give them to the scum killbuyers to send to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

They also want "2-horse ranches". Now, this is plainly just stupid. If I own land, no one is going to tell me how many horses/burros I can have. As long as I feed them well and make sure they have enough water.  They also want only 1000 wild horses in the whole state. 

Give me a break. I guess some people never have enough of anything and always want more. No matter what they have to do to get it. 

The big wigs in Washington are lucky I'm not the richest woman in the country. I would be digging up all the "dirt" I could on all of them and I would use it to stop horse slaughter and the round ups of all the wild ones.  Blackmail you say?  Sure is. 

And, don't forget the young state senator in Nebraska who wants to build a slaughter house there for horses.  He's a buddy of Slaughterhouse Sue.  The whole slaughterhouse gang is making me sick. 

I hope I'm dead long before the last wild horse. 

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