Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, we got our first snowfall last night. Not a big deal as you can see. But, it was enought that hubby decided to burn brush piles. So, he drives down to the front of our property in his truck. He can sit in the truck and watch the fire. He stays warm and keeps a close eye on the fire.  Now, anything that is different immediately gets attention from Sonny and Hawk as you can see.
Now, the donkeys were too excited about the fire. They were more insterested in the hay. We also kept Tessa, Sandy and Ace in the barn last night. Today, they are out in the pens munching on nice hay.

Ace is on the west side of the barn. We have doors on that side to shut when the north winds blow and they were closed last night. It was really nice in there with the doors shut.  I don't like to keep them in the barn unless the weather is going to be bad. Fire scares we so very much.  Charlie Daniels' barn burned yesterday. I have read that 11 horses and a bull were lost. This is heartbreaking. Thinking of animals dieing in a fire.  Tonight, the temps are forcasted to be very cold with wind chills below zero. So, once again the doors will be shut and the 3 old ones will be inside.  I think they enjoy being spoiled, lol. 

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