Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spa day for Rose

Well looks like Rose has rolled in the red mud again. She loves to do this, especially in the Spring. When we brought her here two years ago, she was a flea-bitten grey. If the light was just right, one could see her blaze but most of the time, it didn't show up. She gets brushed and curried and when it rains during warm weather, she loves to stand out in it so the mud washes off. Except, her mane and tail have taken on a flame red color. Guess I could shampoo them and get the red out but I really kind of like her look. Besides, isn't a mud pack good for the skin?????  She is the sweetest old girl. She can walk up behind you so quietly. Then all of a sudden, you have a horse chin resting lightly on your shoulder. She is another one saved from slaughter three years ago. She is our grand dame for sure. Love ya Rosie!

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Aero said...

Some women pay big money for that look!