Thursday, May 6, 2010


This woman (and that is an insult to the rest of us females!) is getting on my nerves!  She is a state rep for Wyoming.  She is insistent on having a horse slaughter house in her state. Wants to feed the meat to prisoners and children. WTF!  I really think that she has gone around the bend or maybe she is on some of that left-over LSD from the 60's.  She states that there are as many horse meat meals served as McDonald's hamburgers!  Now lets get real here. She is an idiot. She say Dr. Temple Grandin is going to design a nice, humane way to kill horses.  I don't like Ms Grandin much either. Why is it one can never see her name without the word autism???? I think she uses her disability to make money. I think it is a slam to all mothers who have autistic children. Autism is a terrible thing. But Ms Grandin brandies it about like it's the most wonderful thing in the world. I have read that Ms Grandin says animals talk to her by putting picture words in her head.  Okay...... Like I believe that. But, I digress, back to ole Sue.  Missouri and Tennessee threw out their bills on horse slaughter for this session.  Are we getting scared Sue????  Think someone might believe that the damage to nature from horse slaughter plants or the cancer-causing drugs horses get might have finally sunk in to people.  Finally! someone is getting the truth out. The USDA will not pay for inspectors at the plants. Sue thinks the states should pay them. Now most states are in trouble with their budgets. Sure, let's fire teachers, policemen and firefighters so we can pay for inspectors at the plants.  Stupid, stupid. Maybe Sue is slipping into middle-age and is having a crisis. 

Just for fun, Google slaughterhouse sue and see what comes up! 

All my horses have had Bute at some point so they are not eligible for slaughter. So there, take that Sue!


Valerie James-Patton said...

Excellent! Absolutely right on. It's so pathetic, that it's funny. (Sue, of course) Thanks for a good laugh!

Maggie said...

You're welcome. Sue is always good for a laugh!

MorganG said...

Oh thank you. You nailed Sue right on the head. And Grandlin too. Got no use for either of them. I ought to sue Sue for the whiplash I get from reading her drivel.

Aero said...

Sue will get hers in the end. I wish I could witness it.