Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End of May

This is Sweetheart. She is recovering from enteritis. Which is inflammation of the small bowel. A lot of horses do not make it with this. She was far. After 8 days in an equine hospital, she is home. She had loads of antibiotics and other medications. We were continuing her treatment at home for another 5 days.Until the morning, she just flat said to us she was tired of being penned up, tired of being a pincushion, and having things shoved down her throat. If you listen with your heart and not your ears, you can tell what a horse wants. And she wanted to be a normal horse again. So we gave in to her desires and turned her loose.  She seems to be doing pretty well. She is out to pasture with Tessa and Sandy. She is 20+ years old, we are not sure of her exact age. She is a throw-a-way horse. Saved off the feedlot. So, we are making her last days with us as happy as possible. Her name truly fits her. So easy to work with.

 Now, this is Cruiser. One morning a few weeks ago, we didn't see the donks at breakfast time. He was the reason. He had gotten into the pasture because Belle was in season. New baby next year????? Maybe, hope not. He is now a gelding and is trying to fit in with the rest of the donkey herd. However, Dunkey is not too happy with that. But things will work out and he will settle down and be one of the herd. It just takes time. They sure do make a lot of noise when they get started braying. Wakes you right up, lol.

Have a wonderful, safe Memorial Day weekend and don't forget why we have that holiday. God Bless America. And, Freedom Is Not Free!

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Aero said...

He was waiting to cross that fence!