Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vet Trip

 We took Tessa to the vet yesterday for x-rays of her front fetlocks/hooves. She had been limping on the right front last week with her boots on. She is chronically lame on the left and this was a new development. I was very worried about arthritis and her being in constant pain. The x-rays were negative for arthritis thank goodness. We do have the copies here at home and I emailed them to our farrier. He now has a new plan on trimming her feet that may make a difference in her left foot. She stopped limping on the right after a few days of Bute. You know Bute, one of the banned meds from the EU slaughter rules that take effect in July. No horse who has EVER had Bute is to be slaughtered for human consumption. Of course that is a joke. Who is going to enforce these rules at the border? No one probably. Bute is known to cause cancer in humans.

 Anyway, back to Tessa. I was afraid she had come to the end of her road but since there is no arthritis, this is not the case. Thank goodness!!! Tessa has quite the Tessa-tude thank you. She was ready to go home after the x-rays were taken. In fact, she tried to get out the door to the x-ray room, lol.  She is a strong willed girl but does not give us a fight. She just lets us know her opinion on things. She was so glad to get back home where she is pampered. Her buddy Sandy was glad to have her back home too.

 The winds are blowing strongly from the south and it's warming up. Storms on the way this weekend though. Toronado season is upon us. Yippee!

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Aero said...

I am sort of behind on my blogs. Oops. She is doing very well now and that makes me smile!