Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hidden Killer

This is a close up of a killer!! 

This is esophageal cancer.  This is in my husband's esophagus.   He had removal of the voice box 17 years ago for a cancer on one of his vocal cords.  He has been fighting this stuff since. He has had laser surgery with skin grafts and last January, had major surgery to replace the top portion of his esophagus with a skin flap from his arm, then a skin graft to arm to cover the area where the skin flap was taken. Took forever for him to completely heal. We thought we were home free!  Yea, no more cancer.  WRONG!!  A bout of mild chest pain put him in the hospital for tests. An EGD was done and this was found.  Now, more major, major surgery is an option but that would involve taking a portion of the small bowel and putting it in his chest.  Big time surgery!  OR, he can do the radiation/chemo route.  This was what he choose.  Should start all this week after next.  This is scary people.  This could kill him!  The cancer can eat through the esophagus to the major vessels behind it. Namely the vena cava and aorta.  He would then bleed to death. The Dr said this was a very messy death.  Ewww.  Don't want to even think about that.  To say I'm scared would be an understatement.  Prayers would be appreciated by anyone. Whatever supreme being you believe in, ask for hubby to be spared.  I'm not ready to give him up.

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Aero said...

Soft and squishy. It will go away easily. :)