Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was out in the south pasture with the herd today. It's so wonderful to see Tessa walking with a normal horse gait. Gently bobbing her head evenly with each step. No sign of a limp. I admit I was very worried she wouldn't get to this point. She and Sandy are still very bonded. It's like there are two separate herds. They all stay within sight of each other but the two older ones like being off a little on their own. Rose does join them sometimes. They each came up to me to say hi and then wandered off to eat some of the dry grass. We are putting out large round bales, two at a time. And we are putting Tessa and Sandy in their own pen at night with a whole bale of hay to themselves. Gary is picking up the materials for the run-in shed tomorrow. Hope the weather holds long enough for us to get it done.

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Kathy said...

Hi Maggie. I am KPatrick from ABR. Just figured out what my sign in was so I could comment again. I look every day for an update. Tessa looks great! All your horses do. I hope you and Gary are well...Kathy