Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sandy and Tessa joining in the fun Christmas Eve after we turned the donkeys out with the herd. They have gained weight nicely. Their rumps are rounded and showing good muscle tone for their ages. Tessa even lopes a little now and then. Yesterday the temp was 75, windows open to the fresh air. It was wonderful considering the date was the 26th of December. This morning about 3:30 am the cold front came through. Thunder, lightening, wind and rain. Outside temp is now 39. We needed the rain to settle the red dust. Of course the power flickering didn't do my old computer any good. Took me 30 minutes to get it to boot up. Hmmm, maybe a new PC in my future soon. I really hate that, love my Dell but maybe it's time to put it to rest. But then, what do I do with the body?????????? Have a great weekend everyone.

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