Monday, June 8, 2009


Snowflakes in June. I love snowflake appys. They change so much from year to year. Hawk (foreground) is my love. I bought him when in MO. He is 10. Spice is to the left. Hawk must be a little thin-skinned. He can't stand horseflies. He runs to the house in hopes one of us is outside and will do a smack-down on the horsefly. Hawk is a great, great, grandson of Secratariet. That's right the KD winner. I have his registration papers. Amazing isn't it, lol. He can run like the wind. He has the best ground manners and is well-behaved. Spice is a good girl too. She loves attention. The last few days have been really hot here. Early this morning, we got a little rain and that is good. The grass was beginning to get crispy from the heat and wind. This morning, its cool and nice. Well, time to get moving. Have a great week everyone.

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