Monday, May 14, 2012


I went along with Karen of Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue in Sedan, Ks to return this mustang mare to freedom.  One of the most exciting things I have done in my life.  The BLM is fast taking the mustangs away from their land and putting them in holding pens and private ranches. Soon, there will be no mustangs left on the open range.

Rena was accepted by Madeline Pickens into her ecosanctuary in Wells, Nevada last week.  Bless you Mrs. Pickens for taking her.  Rena joined 600+ wild horses at the ecosanctuary. After exiting the trailer (where she had been since leaving Sedan on Tuesday morning), she trotted a little ways then looked back, as if to say, "Am I really free?".  She trotted through the herd introducing herself, then trotted back towards me as I was snapping pictures with the 3rd lady's  (who went with us) camera.  I shed many tears after Rena was free. Such an emotional thing had happened.  Rena will no more be made to do something a human wants her too.  She will live free for the rest of her life.  As they all should be allowed to do.

Please click on the above link to read what is happening to our wild ones. 

Rena is one of the lucky ones. She got her freedom back.

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