Saturday, May 9, 2009

Had company yesterday. We walked up to the pasture and visited with the gang. Yesterday started out hot and humid, wind went to the north and it became cool and windy then turned off warm again. Today, it's cool and cloudy. With a few sprinkles. Ahhhh! Belle stayed in the barn again last night. She was not happy! Tossed her water tub, got the shavings wet. Threw her feed tub around. All this and no baby! Maybe tonight....... She and Dunkey are back out with Tessa and Sandy in the south pasture so we can keep a closer eye on them. Dunkey is so very attached to Belle. I think he will be the "odd man out" when the baby comes. At least for a while.
Have great weekend.

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possum59 said...

The horses are looking sleek and happy. Hope your weather stays good. Heard on the news that Joplin got hit by a tornado...I worry about my friends back in MO, OK, and Arkansas.