Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The internet. What can I say....before we had it, we didn't know anything about it. Now when the Hughes.net terminal goes down, we feel lost and out of touch. Out of the last 12 days, we have had service for 2. Grrrr But we are up and surfing now so hopefully it will stay that way. Last Thursday, Roger (new baby jack) was gelded. In the course of 4 days, he went from a sweet, loving little boy to a hellion with an attitude and temper. Boy am I glad that is over, LOL. He is doing well now. Still healing but time will take care of that. My sweet baby boy is back. He was trying to help Jim (internet guy) yesterday with fixing the terminal. Taking tools out of the tool belt, Jim got quite a kick out of it. The weather has been wonderful here the last few days. Cool with northeast breezes. I got a lot of painting done on fences and have a bit more to do. The cool weather is a reminder of things to come in a few weeks. We have gotten half of our winter hay in. The rest will come soon. We are going to build on to the barn to make room for the donks to eat inside this winter. Am anxious to get started on the construction. Gary and I love working together on these projects. Such a good feeling to see it done and know the equines will have shelter in the cold. Jake is doing well. He barks at the thunder. Maybe he is trying to scare the thunder monster away from his family, LOL. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Momma Hope needs to put on more weight but these things take time. She is so very sweet. I'm so glad we have her and Roger. I'm glad we have all of them. They make our lives complete.

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