Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well, it's past the middle of November. We had some nice rain over the weekend. New guttering did it's job, yea! This morning, we kept BJ and Roger separate after they had eaten. It's weaning time. BJ is 7 months old and Roger is probably a little older. They are eating well on their own and drinking nicely so they don't need their mommas any longer for food. We will see how it goes and hopefully they will stay where we put them which is on the west side of the barn. Tessa and Sandy are in with them for company. The heaters are in the water tanks and the winter hay is on hand so we are set for the long, cold, winter to come. Seems like winter takes longer to leave then summer does. Gary is in the process of adding our new deck to the front of the house. It will have a roof on it for shade and shelter from the rain/snow/ice. I'm looking forward to sitting out there and enjoying our little bit of red earth. And giving thanks for my dream coming true. Oh yes, Dolly continues to "Thrive". That feed is the best thing ever. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

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