Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Blog

Welcome to the new blog on Hawk's Acres. While we haven't actually moved yet, we are close. Our manufactured home is finished and hopefully will be moved from Waco, TX to Purcell, OK on Monday of next week. Of course, the weather is a great factor in this. We can only hope it happens Monday. We are so anxious to get moved and get all the horses back together again. I think Sonny and Star miss Hawk and Rose. And they all have yet to meet Tessa who is waiting in Colorado to come to Oklahoma.


Marilyn said...

Maggie, I just love Buddy and your story about him. He sure has grown up to be one handsome dude.

I also Love the blog and Hawk's Acres.


margaret said...

Thanks Marilyn. Keep checking back, new stuff will be added as the move takes place.