Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is Tessa. She is waiting in Colorado to come to OK when we get all moved. She has poor feet due to lack of care. It will take a year to get them in good shape. Yes, those are little wooden shoes you see. Oh yes, the house did NOT get moved yesterday. "Too muddy and windy". What the hay!!! Gary was just down there and he says it's not muddy. I'm beginning to get very close to losing my temper with them. Plans are still in place to move all the critters tomorrow. Looks like the horses maybe staying at Horse Feathers longer than I anticipated.

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LynnS said...


Tessa is beautiful -- I can hardly wait til I see more pics of her and the herd. Of course, I guess the house has to get placed first...what poopheads; you need a house.