Friday, July 4, 2008


We are finally moved in. Still putting stuff away, or at least trying to, lol. Horses, goat, dogs, and cat are doing fine. Smokey the dog is much happier now that his "stuff" is in the house. Familiar things make you feel at home. I think we are going to turn the horses up to the north pasture today for their summer grazing. Tessa will stay here by the house. The wooden shoes had to come off because they were creating problems with the souls and frogs of her feet. Probably due to the wet weather we had a few weeks ago. She has been seen by a natural trimmer and is sore on her front feet. It will take time but I think she will come around and be OK. It is very hot now in Oklahoma but guess that is natural. Will try and remember to take the camera when we turn the rest of the horses loose up north. They will still be feed twice a day so they will wander up to the barn morning and night for their feed and check ups.

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adelle said...

Glad you're getting moved in, finally. Nice to hear from you - we missed you. Happy Fourth!