Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Girl

Meet the new girl, Sandy. Sandy has a fancy reg QH name but we just call her Sandy. Papers don't matter to us as we are not into breeding horses. There are enough needing homes now. Sandy came to us as a gift. Pretty great huh? Her owners felt she deserved retirement as she is 26 years old. She is sweet. She leads and loads like a dream. She has been a broodmare most of her life. She tried to make up with Tessa but Tess would have none of it. When we let Rose in to stay for the night, she got between Tessa and Sandy with her ears back. Rose is protective of Tessa. Hopefully at some point, Sandy will be accepted enough to turn out with the Fab Four (Hawk, Sonny, Star and Rose). We are glad to have her.

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