Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More on Sandy

I didn't realize when we brought Sandy home that she was so much smaller than the gang. When they went to check her out, it became clear that even though she is a QH, she isn't very big. Now she does need some groceries which she is getting but still she isn't a big horse. We put Rose in with her and Tessa at night and things went fine. We left Rose out the next night and put Star in with them. Things went fine. The next night, we put Sonny in with Tessa and Sandy. Things seem to go well. Sunday morning, we figured we could put her out to pasture with the four. It didn't go well. Hawk would not accept her and bit her badly on the right hip. I'm still putting Tri-Care on it. He also ran her until she was out of breath. So we moved her back in with Tessa. There she will stay. We are re-thinking our fencing plans so that Tessa and Sandy will have their own area all the time. Sandy has learned that treats are great! She also has learned that fly spray doesn't hurt. She continues to be the sweetest little gal and we have fallen madly in love with her.

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KathyK said...


What a sweet girl. What stinker Hawk was not to accept her. Maybe with time things will turn around.
Love the pictures of the 'herd'. There is Miss Kitty looking all regal & quite content. I'm so glad this move is working out for you & Gary.