Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another warm day in Oklahoma, near 80 degrees this afternoon. Of course the bottom will fall out in the next few days and freezing rain is forcasted. Oh well. Farrier coming this morning to trim all 9 equines. Jake the new dog is doing well. He is just a pup so is full of energy and bounce. He likes sleeping in the laundry room at night. Scooter and Smokey have finally accepted him. Scooter tries hard to just ignore him but Smokey likes him. Not very windy today which is good. Star hates her feet done on calm days but the wind complicates things even more for her. She is such a wild thing, it is a struggle sometimes to get her trimmed. Last time, it had to be done in the pasture with Sonny on one side and Spice on the other. John is a brave man to trim feet in a crowd. Have a great weekend everyone.

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