Friday, January 9, 2009

Well, it's another warm January day in Oklahoma. Sun is shinning and the breeze is from the south. Yesterday was warm too. Gary and I worked outside in the afternoon. Did a little brush trimming and hooked up the flat bed to the tractor and picked up trash. Lots more of both to do. Gary showed me how to drive the tractor. It's been over 40 years since I have driven one. But it's pretty simple. I love doing it. Next I want to learn the PTO part of it so I can put out the hay if I have to. There is a bucket on the front of the tractor and we use it a lot. We use it to clean up the poop from the pens and moving dirt/rock. Comes in very handy. A 1000 lb horse can produce 90 lbs of poop per day, 7 x 90 = 630 lbs of poop per day. The donkeys are very nice and use the same spot in their pen at night so it is easy to clean. Anyone need horse poop for fertilizer????????

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Buddy said...

I am putting my horse poop in piles to make compost with - then I will use it this spring to plant some grass for Buddy and me a veggie garden.


Sally - Buddy's Mom in Nevada