Saturday, January 3, 2009

What is it with this weather???? Here it is the 3rd of January and it's 75 degrees outside. Our windows are open and the breeze is blowing through. The sun is shinning. We went to Stillwater to do some shopping and people who had convertables had the top down. I love it!!! This is the latest picture of my boy Hawk. He is till ruling the herd with an iron fist, lol. He takes his job seriously. I just love'em to pieces. All the rest of the animal gang is doing well. Pepper still a little thin but going strong. The donks have settled in well. They are still learning it's ok for mom to pick out their feet. Have to watch Belle though, she throws a kick every once in a while. Boy she is fast! Well, am outside to enjoy this weather while it lasts.

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