Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Left behind

Last night as Gary and I were watching the space station fly across the northern sky, I heard Pepper the goat calling out. I spoke to her through the screen and as usual, she "talked" to me. I knew the horses and donkeys had went to the north pasture and figured Buddy did too. Poor little Pepper got left behind somehow and she was lost. I went outside and she followed me to the barn where I put her up for the night. She was quite content to be in her barn. She's there tonight too. She is so small, I worry the coyotes will get her. We have lots of rabbits but they might not pass up an easy meal. The other picture is of Miss Kitty. She also adopted us back in MO. She is our barn cat. A great mouser. She has been spayed but not declawed. She sits on this shelf while we fix the feed buckets for the horses. She likes to help! LOL She and Pepper don't get along very well. She is the smallest adoptee here and Pepper likes to chase her. Kitty always gets away.

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Aero said...

Miss Kitty is adorable! So is Pepper!