Thursday, March 5, 2009

March is here!

Well, March has come roaring in like a lion here in Oklahoma. Of course here, every month is like March as far as wind goes, lol. Today's temp should get in the mid 80's. Then we are looking at maybe some storms in a day or two. Great! Someone remind me why we moved to the middle of tornado alley????? Seriously, we are happy here, the critters seem happy here. I always smile when it's time to feed the horses and they come into the barn one at a time smacking their lips in anticipation of their food. We don't have to feed the younger ones much but they act like it's a full course meal. Now the older ones get a full ration of course. The mature ladies need more as their teeth aren't as good as when they were younger. We have three in their late teens, two in their twenties so they need a little special care. Have ordered the fly predators to help with those pesky flies. They will be arriving soon, they do their job very well. Jake the new dog goes to the vet this afternoon to get his blood test for heart worm before we start him on the monthly preventative. He just makes us laugh every day. He is so full of fun! Have a great weekend everyone.

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