Sunday, March 29, 2009

We were lucky and missed the heavy snow that hit parts of Oklahoma this weekend. We only got about an inch and most of it was gone by evening. Tessa and Sandy were let out of the barn and they were so happy to be back with the main herd. First picture is of Hawk and Sonny who were playing yesterday afternoon. The second picture is of Jake, the mud ball. Jake likes to be outside while we are feeding and this was the result! He had to get in the tub before he could do anything else, lol. He is so good in the tub. Just sits in the water and lets us wash him off. Warmer today, maybe some of the mud will go away. We got lots of rain Friday and Friday night. Much needed and appreciated. We also had lots of tiny hail. The SE part of the state had tornado watches and the NW part of the state had blizzards. Mother nature is sure persnickidy sometimes. Well, the dogs are waiting for their breakfast so better get moving.

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