Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 4-legged persons were feeling a little frisky yesterday. First picture is Rose, Sonny, Spice and of course the boss hoss, Hawk. Excuse the poop, we need to drag the area around the barn. Next is Miss Kitty. She has been using her claws to stay grounded lately. Seems Oklahoma has turned into a wind tunnel. Ugh! I don't mind a little wind but this is crazy!!! Last but not least is Tessa from Colorado. She is shedding off so pretty. Has the sweetest expression and loves those alfalfa cubes!! We have had her almost a year now. She is coming 25 and isn't sound for riding but we don't care. She loves life and being able to get around where she wants to go. I was going to clean the barn today but hubby declared the laundry needed to be done (why? I'm not out of clothes) so here I sit waiting for the machines to do their job. Maybe I'll get to the barn tomorrow.................and he can help! LOL Have a great weekend everyone.

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Aero said...

I love to see the horses running! And you used your Pokadot hug pic. Awwwwww. It is perfect! Need rocks in your pockets today! WINDY - AGAIN!