Friday, April 10, 2009

No, it's not the Easter rabbit,,,it's the Easter Goat! LOL This morning she was jumping around like a rabbit though. She is still a tiny little thing but is doing much better than a couple of months ago when I thought for sure she would die. Been a busy week. The two old girls decided to give me a hard time by becoming lame. Sandy either got kicked by someone else or had a bad flare of her arthritis. Would not bend her R front leg. Had the local vet out and he left a tube of Bute. A couple of days on it with confinement and she is fine. Tessa somehow split her back hoof and cut the sole. So we are soaking/wrapping. This morning she is moving much better. We took her to the equine clinic for x-rays which were negative for fracture, whew! Yesterday was a bad day for Oklahoma. Fires in the central part and tornados in the SE part. Now the winds have shifted back to the NW and it's cool again. How can I get my one tomato plant planted if the weather doesn't stay warm??????????? Guess it will continue to sit on my window sill for a few days. Happy Easter everyone.

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