Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How things looked in 2008

This time of year, we tend to look back and try to find things we have accomplished. The bottom 2 pictures were taken the day after we closed on the ranch, March 13, 2008. The top 2, I took this morning. The barn was divided in half by a full floor-to-ceiling wall. The west half of the barn was knee deep in human trash. Not in bags mind you, just thrown in there. The shop was the same way. We went through dozens of industrial trash bags cleaning it up, using a scoop shovel but mostly just picking it up piece by piece. Don't think I have ever been so glad to get a job done. It was nasty. But now, we look at our little piece of red dirt and smile. We have done a lot in the last year. Built 3 run-ins, round pen, deck, and lots of fence. The only fence left to do is the one around the house to make a real yard. Weather permitting, we will work some more on that this week. We have accquired 5 more rescue horses and the 5 rescue donkeys. Another cat and another dog. I think that is a lot for a little over a year and we can be proud of ourselves.


Adelle said...

You and Gary have done an amazing job! You certainly deserve many pats on the back! Taking such good care of all the wonderful furbabies and doing all that building, too - and don't forget all the clearing of the land! - you all are truly amazing! No sitting in rocking chairs for you guys - at least not for more than a few minutes! LOL
Merry Christmas,

possum59 said...

Wow! You guys have done a lot in such a short time...lucky critters that come to yourplace.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Maggie & Gary,

Wow, what a transformation! The place looks fabulous, I know you're enjoying every minute of time in your little peace of paradise! Have a wonderful 2010!


Anonymous said...

Maggie & Gary,

Wow, what a transformation! The place looks fabulous, you've accomplished so much! Have a wonderful 2010 to you and all your critters. Marsh