Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

Here it is Christmas Eve 2009! Winter storm watch issued for us. From the maps, it looks like it could be bad. Gary put new bales out yesterday and we have plenty of gas for the generator. Now the generator is not big enough to run the house but it will run the water pump. This is good. At least the horses will not run out of water and we can use the potty! That's a good thing, lol. The wind is howling out of the north and it is 35 degrees. Brrrrrrr. Blizzard on the plains. No new picture today. If we get snow, I will be sure and take pictures of it. Have never really seen a blizzard so that will be a new thing. Glad we spent time building run-ins and the donkey house. At least all the critters can get inside out of the wind. All the horses have been eating hay like crazy. I think they knew something was up. Putting on an extra layer of fat for the storm. I'm glad we are not traveling today, we could get stranded somewhere!! Everyone be careful and have a wonderful Christmas season. Remember, this is Jesus's birthday, not just a holiday. God Bless us every one.

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Buddy said...

Merry Christmas to all at Hawk's Acres.