Saturday, December 5, 2009

This is Star peeking through the rails on the new deck. It's finished, now we are waiting for the fencing wire to come in. As well as the gates. It's been too cold to work on building the fence for the yard anyway. Yesterday morning it was 15 degrees here, brrr. Nothing like warming your cold face on a fuzzy, warm horse's neck. The farrier came yesterday and we trimmed the 3 adult donkeys. They stood still while their hooves were trimmed with the grinder, wow. Huge improvement over last time. Donkeys are so very smart. They learn very quickly. The baby BJ also got hers touched up. She on the other hand, has yet to learn this process is not painful, lol. The new cat, Little Man has taken up residence in Pokey and Sweetheart's hay bale. He likes being outside and "talks" to us while we are in Pokey and Sweetheart's run-in during feeding. Pokey and Sweetheart got their feet done last week. Pokey stood very nicely too. Blind horses just take a little time and effort to get them to do things without being scared. Pokey knows our voices and trusts us completely. All is well at Hawk's Acres.


Aero said...

A Star indeed. :)

Adelle said...

I'm so glad that all is well at Hawk's Acres. Star is sooo beautiful. I remember when she chose you. She was certainly a diamond in the rough and look at her now!
Being a cat person, I'm so glad that Little Man is not so scared any more and is settling in, now that it's getting so cold. He's found himself a warm bed indeed.
Much love to you all at Hawk's Acres,