Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is the view from our front porch this morning. Mornings are cool and damp but the afternoons are warm and pleasant. I love the early mornings, listenings to the birds sing. This morning, the crows were discussing something important, it took a while for them to make a decision and move on, lol. Gary returned safely from MO last night. Our place up there has finally sold and the yard needed some attention before closing. Glad it has sold. That means we can build more of the wood fence that I love. I have been painting what we have built so far. Got the round pen done and started on a stretch of fence but ran out of paint so painting is on hold until I go to town and get more. This will probably be a yearly thing but I don't mind. I love white wood fence.
Horse pictures from this morning are at the link. The silly battery in the camera died before I could get a close up of each horse and Buddy/Miss Kitty.
Thank you to everyone who reads my silly blog. Have a wonderful weekend, I know I will.


Kathy said...


I don't think your blog is silly at all! I love seeing the pictures of the 'gang'. They all look quite contented & happy. The view in from your front porch is spectatular! It looks so peaceful.
Glad to hear your place in MO has sold. The market is indeed tough right now. I am sure it is a relief to you & Gary. Especially being as far away as you are.
I had to set up a new user name the last time I got on. Same old person. Just new user name!

acapshaw said...

Hi Maggie
I love reading your blog! It's never silly. The photos of the horses and your new place are wonderful.

I hope all is going well with you. I'd still love to pay you a visit when I'm up that way.

Take care of yourself!

Fondly, Amy

margaret said...

Thanks gals. Ya'll are welcome here anytime.