Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, finally all the fence we have done up by the house is painted. Still have to paint that ratty looking gate but that will take a different kind of paint since it is metal. The fence at the front of the property is done so will get some of that painted in a few days when it gets cooler. Farrier comes this afternoon. Hawk, Star, Spice and Tessa will be done. Gave the horses a real treat last night, carrots! All but Sandy loved them. This morning we tried lettuce. Rose just loves it and Spice, Sonny, Tessa and Sandy did eat theirs. I think Star did too, haven't checked her feed pan. Hawk just spit it out. It's the first thing I have ever found that he does not like. They each only got a little bit. So they had salad as well as their regular food this morning, carrots, lettuce and a little vinegar. The vinegar helps with the flies. Another week has gone by, time is going fast! Enjoy the last Saturday in September 2008.

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Kathy said...


The place looks great. However, I miss you! You always have such upbeat & positive things to say. Not to mention your sense of humor! I hope things are going well.

Had to change my ID & password. Never marked the old one down anywhere & CRS!