Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lawn Mowers

Tessa and Sandy now have the run of the big yard. Lots of yummy grass to munch on. Last night, Tessa actually wanted to go out with the bunch that goes to the north pasture. She was hurrying towards the gate as we were leading them through. Don't think she realizes just how long a walk it is to the big pasture. She and Sandy are happy however to be out on fresh grass. Tessa is walking so much better now! She is on nothing for pain and only a hoof and joint supplement with her feed. She can keep up with me as I lead her at a normal horse pace. Yea!!!! We got a little rain from Ike that was appreciated. Our thoughts are with those who got it worse.

More pictures are at the link to Picasa. It's cool today with the wind from the NW and it feels so good. Right now it is 65 degrees. Love it.

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