Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update on Sonny-after 2 days in an equine clinic being treated for his colic, he got to come home this morning. We are slowly starting him back on full rations. A horse can lose a lot of weight in 2 days without food. He is glad to be home I think.


myhund said...

wow. did not realize you had to take him to the vet hospital. Glad he is on the mend and came home. Hope the rest are doing well. Getting use to your new home?

Kathy said...

I'll bet you are glad to have Sonny home. Didn't realize you had to take him to the clinic. Poor boy! Glad to hear he is getting better. Like kids, they do scare you, don't they?
Hopefully, now that he is home, he will be more comfortable with all his family. Both the two legged & four legged variety.