Sunday, August 31, 2008

This morning we fed the horses as usual and they ate well. Then Sonny laid down and again had a belly ache. Gary walked him and he still wanted to go down and roll. Had gut sounds but heart rate and respirations were elevated. Some sweating. Sonny did poop but still had the belly ache. Got our local vet out and he gave Sonny a shot of Banamine and tubed him with some oil/soapy mixture. After a while, Sonny was doing better. Vet said walk him for 30 minutes and give another shot of Banamine if Sonny was still showing signs of pain. If no better in an hour, we need to get him to an equine center for further treatment. Sonny is in a pen with water but no food for the rest of the day. He does seem better. Banamine is in the fridge just in case. Sonny did poop a second time before the vet got here. Will keep our fingers crossed that Sonny continues to improve. At one point before the vet got here, Gary walked Sonny over to the fence to see the rest of the gang. Spice put her nose on Sonny's neck and loved on him. She is still whinnying for him. We both have a few more grey hairs now.

PS:Yea, Gary just reported that Sonny pooped again!


myhund said...

hope sonny feels better today

margaret said...

Thanks a bunch.