Monday, August 4, 2008

One of my readers mentioned that I haven't said anything about our silly goat Buddy lately. This is the most recent picture of him. We have to tie him up when we feed because he tries to steal everybody's food. Sandy and Tessa will share with him but they get supplements that they need, not Buddy. Buddy lets us put the rope around his neck and follows us to the post. He is really smart. He is also a pain in the neck sometimes. He stays fat munching on the weeds and grass. He really thinks he is a horse and we haven't told him any different. He is a little over a year old and full grown. He loves to be scratched right behind his horns. You can't see them in this picture but they are long and sharp. He knows how to use them too! He drives me crazy sometimes but I would be lost without him.

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