Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sorry, no picture today but I do have a great story. Or, at least I think it's great. We had decided to try and put Spice out in the pasture with the Fab Four this morning. I was going to wait until Gary had walked the four down to the pasture and take Spice through the gate. We had really tried this a few days ago and it didn't work out well. All Spice wanted to do was fight with the others so we put her back in with Sandy and Tessa. This morning, Rose went up to Spice's pen and had a little talk with her. You know, squealing and stricking out a little with the front hoof. Then, when we put the four out and Gary started walking down to the gate, Rose waited. I led Spice through the gate and Rose and she "talked" a bit more. After that, things were cool between Rose and Spice. Rose kept trying to get Spice to go to the pasture. Spice would go a little ways and come back to the gate. Each time, Rose would come back for her. At last peek out the north window, Star and Rose had both came back for her. She finally did go with them to graze. Don't anyone try and tell me that horses aren't smart and that they can't think things through.

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