Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monster in the sky

Is she looking at the monster in the clouds???? LOL. Today, we are starting to build a real round pen. The earth here is so hard digging the post holes is very difficult. But when it is done, it will be a place to work with my "wild thing" and Spice. They have a forever home here but they need to know a few things and round pen work is one way to teach them. Also, may be a way for a few days as I might go to Horse Feathers to help Cheri with an injured horse. The horse belongs to a very nice guy who works hard at Horse Feathers helping out. He adopted Kate from the rescue and they are a real team. She cut her leg and it seems as if an infection has started in the tendon. This could likely be a death sentence for her. If Kate comes back to the rescue today, Cheri is going to try some different therapies to try and save her and I am willing to help. Losing a beloved horse is one of the hardest things in life. It's like a large piece of your heart just dies and yet it aches for a very long time. I have lost 2 beloved horses in my life, the first was over 30 years ago and there is still an ache. I have 2 friends who recently lost their "heart horse" and wish I could comfort them but they are far away. Kay and Karen, you are in my thoughts.

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