Thursday, August 7, 2008

All together now!

Yesterday afternoon the kids from the big pasture came up to the house early. Sandy and Tessa were by the gate and everyone held their position for quite a while. Gary and I went out and just opened the gate and the herd came in. Everyone just kept grazing and no fights or fusses. We left the gate open and it is still open this morning. Everyone is getting along fine. Yea!!
It's funny how the herd dynamics change sometimes. Sonny and Tessa were off grazing to themselves after breakfast, Hawk, Rose and Sandy together. Star and Spice each alone but not too far apart from Hawk and his group. Tessa and Sonny ended up quite a distance from the others. Tessa and Sandy are the last to be let out of the feeding pens as they get extra alfalfa to eat to get their weight up a little. Spice is becoming a lot more at ease with Gary and I but still puts her ears back at the other horses a lot. Hawk is the most social of all of them. I know how and who raised him and am sure he got lots of loving while growing up. It makes a big difference in how they act as an adult, same as humans.

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Adelle said...

That's great, Maggie! I love reading about how all your babies interact with each other and with you. Wonderful to hear how intelligent they are and how they work things out - amazing!